, Volume 77, Issue 10, pp 591-593
Date: 17 Sep 2003

Acetaldehyde adducts in the brain of alcoholics

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Acetaldehyde binds to some proteins and becomes a Schiff base. It is assumed that after the consumption of ethanol the acetaldehyde binds to the proteins to form adducts, and such acetaldehyde adducts are associated with organ diseases. We investigated the detection of acetaldehyde adducts in the brain region of a human alcoholics. Brain samples collected from an alcoholic autopsied case were used. Determination of acetaldehyde adducts was performed using a fluorescence immmunohistochemical staining method with antibodies against acetaldehyde adducts. We demonstrated acetaldehyde adducts in the frontal cortex and the midbrain of an alcoholics. Our studies showed that an acetaldehyde adduct was produced in the brain of alcoholics.