, Volume 165, Issue 2, pp 91-96

Biotype of the purple nonsulfur photosynthetic bacterium, Rhodospirillum centenum

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Rhodospirillum centenum exhibited a number of general properties typically observed in nonsulfur purple bacteria, but also displayed a number of unusual characteristics that include: (1) conversion of the vibrioid/spiral cells to thick-walled cysts under certain growth conditions; (2) absence of O2 repression of photopigment synthesis; (3) synthesis of “R-bodies”; and (4) swarming motility on agar surfaces that allows macroscopic observation of colony phototaxis. The unusual characteristics indicate that Rsp.centenum will prove to be a valuable experimental system for investigating various basic problems, especially in connection with photosensory phenomena and the regulation of photopigment synthesis by dioxygen and light. The present comparative study of 13 strains was undertaken to further define the Rsp. centenum biotype.

Received: 3 August 1995 / Accepted: 1 November 1995