, Volume 175, Issue 1, pp 8-18

Molecular analysis of the grd operon coding for genes of the glycine reductase and of the thioredoxin system from Clostridium sticklandii

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A probe based on the sequence of the gene encoding selenoprotein A of glycine reductase of Clostridium sticklandii was used to obtain clones of adjacent DNA that encoded the other components of glycine reductase, proteins B and C, in addition to thioredoxin and thioredoxin reductase. The genes of the thioredoxin system and the glycine reductase were shown to be transcribed together, confirming an operon structure. In addition, a gene (grdX) encoding a 13.7-kDa protein of unknown function seemed to be associated with the reductase genes. Four potential promoters were identified by mapping the 5′-end of the mRNAs. The sequence of promoter P1 was shown to be similar to the σ70 promoter consensus sequence. The other three promoters were similar to each other, but not to known promoter consensus sequences. The transcripts starting at each of the four promoters were terminated to about 80% at a predicted loop structure downstream of grdB; the remaining transcripts continued through this structure and covered the genes encoding both subunits of protein C and bmpA, a gene that was also expressed monocistronically.