, Volume 195, Issue 9, pp 661-670
Date: 18 Aug 2013

Identification of a possible respiratory arsenate reductase in Denitrovibrio acetiphilus , a member of the phylum Deferribacteres

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Denitrovibrio acetiphilus N2460T is one of the few members of the phylum Deferribacteres with a sequenced genome. N2460T was capable of growing with dimethyl sulfoxide, selenate, or arsenate provided as a terminal electron acceptor, and we identified 15 genes that could possibly encode respiratory reductases for these compounds. The protein encoded by one of these genes, YP_003504839, clustered with respiratory arsenate reductases on a phylogenetic tree. Transcription of the gene for YP_003504839, Dacet_2121, was highly induced when arsenate was provided as a terminal electron acceptor. Dacet_2121 exists in a possible operon that is distinct from the previously characterized respiratory arsenate reductase operon in Shewanella sp. ANA-3.