Short Communication

Archives of Microbiology

, Volume 184, Issue 6, pp 425-427

Identification of a lipoarabinomannan-like lipoglycan in the actinomycete Gordonia bronchialis

  • Natalie J. GartonAffiliated withDepartment of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, Leicester University
  • , Iain C. SutcliffeAffiliated withDivision of Biomedical Sciences, School of Applied Sciences, Northumbria University Email author 

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The cell envelopes of actinomycetes contain lipidated macroamphiphiles, of which the most extensively characterised are the lipoarabinomannans of mycobacteria and related bacteria. We have investigated the mycolic acid-containing actinomycete Gordonia bronchialis and identified the presence of a lipoarabinomannan-like lipoglycan. The extraction and purification procedures recovered a second amphiphilic fraction with properties suggesting a phosphatidylinositol mannoside, consistent with studies of other Gordonia species.


Actinomycete Glycolipid Lipoglycan Lipoteichoic acid Mycobacterium Phosphatidylinositol mannoside Rhodococcus