, Volume 180, Issue 5, pp 327-338
Date: 23 Sep 2003

Isolation and characterization of Erythrobacter sp. strains from the upper ocean

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Seven strains of marine aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs belonging to the genus Erythrobacter were isolated. The strains were characterized regarding their physiological and biochemical properties, 16S rDNA and pufM gene sequences, morphological features, substrate preference, as well as pigment and lipid composition. All strains had functional type-2 reaction centers containing bacteriochlorophyll, served by small, light-harvesting complex 1, and were photosynthetically competent. In addition, large pools of carotenoids were found, but only some of the accessory pigments transfer energy to the reaction centers. All of the isolates were facultative photoheterotrophs. They required an organic carbon substrate for growth; however, they are able to supplement a significant fraction of their metabolic requirements with photosynthetically derived energy.