, Volume 178, Issue 4, pp 301-305

Mesorhizobium amorphae , a rhizobial species that nodulates Amorpha fruticosa , is native to American soils

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Amorpha fruticosa was inoculated with rhizosphere soil from Iowa, USA, and 140 rhizobia isolated from root nodules were compared with Mesorhizobium amorphae originating from Chinese soils. PCR-RFLP patterns of the 16S rRNA gene from the isolates and from M. amorphae were the same. All isolates had a symbiotic plasmid of the same size with a single nifH gene. DNA:DNA hybridization values, DNA G+C content, and induced Nod factor patterns also were similar. We concluded that the four genotypes distinguished among 53 representative American isolates were M. amorphae. Since A. fruticosa is native to the Americas and is highly specific in its nodulation requirement, M. amorphae probably was transmitted to China.