, Volume 95, Issue 3, pp 287-299
Date: 17 Oct 2012

A new robust control design based on feedback-compensator for UPFC

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It has been reported that there is a strong dynamic interaction between series and shunt currents in the unified power flow controller (UPFC). In this paper, a method based on state estimator is proposed to decouple series and shunt currents of the UPFC. The suggested feedback-compensator consists of a state feedback and an estimator. The interaction terms are considered as disturbance and eliminated by state feedback based on feedback-compensator. The suggested controller has been compared with singular value decomposition (SVD)-based decoupling controller. Investigations show that although both the suggested controller and SVD show proper performance with linear model of the UPFC, the suggested controller produces fewer transients in the output. The designed controller shows proper performance of UPFC non-linear model, while in this case the SVD decoupling controller does not perform decoupling, that is, it does not follow the reference inputs. Also feedback-compensator controller maintains the proper performance despite disturbance and uncertainties in the system.