, Volume 95, Issue 4, pp 301-313
Date: 19 Oct 2012

Using an active resistive damper in hybrid active power filter to avoid resonance over-voltage

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This paper presents a hybrid active power filter (HAPF) comprising an active resistive damper (ARD). The ARD consists of three resistances connected to the grid through three bi-directional electronic switches (IGBTs). The ARD can rapidly damp over voltages or over currents under resonance conditions, when the active part (inverter) of the HAPF is disconnected from the grid due to electrical or non-electrical failures. To drive the bi-directional electronic switches of the ARD, a control method is presented in this paper. The control method is based on comparison of resonance over voltage magnitude with a reference voltage (voltage protection level) to control the bi-directional electronic switches. Also the magnitude–frequency characteristics and the control method of the HAPF based on source current detection strategy are analyzed in detail in this paper. Performance of the HAPF with and without the ARD is analyzed in this paper and the results are compared with each other. Finally, the simulation results are provided to validate the proposed topology.