, Volume 24, Issue 5, pp 1765-1766

A case of an atypical femoral fracture associated with bacterial biofilm—pathogen or bystander?

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We report a case of an 86-year-old woman with an atypical femoral fracture (AFF) who was treated with intramedullary nailing followed by lateral femoral plating. She developed a second femoral shaft fracture distal to the intramedullary nail which required a second operation. Biopsy of the periosteum overlying the site of the initial proximal AFF was sent for pathogen analysis. Using the Ibis T5000 platform and the BAC plate assay, a polymicrobial infection was diagnosed consisting of Bifidobacterium subtile and Pseudomonas mendocina. This raises the possibility that bacterial infections may play some role in atypical fractures of the femur.