, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp 1135-1136
Date: 09 Aug 2012

FGF23: instability may affect accuracy and interpretation

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Dear Editor,

Recently, Desjardins et al. reported that plasma intact fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) concentration was independently associated with aortic calcification, but not aortic pulse wave velocity (APWV) or BMD, in 142 patients with stage 2–5D chronic kidney disease (CKD) [1]. We were surprised by the lack of an association with APWV. Given that aortic calcification results in a loss of vessel compliance and thus increases PWV (both significantly correlated in this study: r = 0.453, P < 0.001), it is difficult to see why FGF23 concentration was not also associated with APWV. We believe the following points require discussion:

  1. In contrast with this study, we have previously shown an independent association between intact FGF23 concentration and APWV in a cohort of 185 stage 3–4 CKD patients with similar phenotypes and nearly identical methodology [2].

  2. Desjardins et al. support their findings by referencing a study by Manghat et al. which did not find a significant correlat ...