, Volume 23, Issue 4, pp 1199-1212
Date: 07 Feb 2012

The multiple facets of periostin in bone metabolism

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Periostin is a matricellular glutamate-containing protein expressed during ontogenesis and in adult connective tissues submitted to mechanical strains including bone and, more specifically, the periosteum, periodontal ligaments, tendons, heart valves, or skin. It is also expressed in neoplastic tissues, cardiovascular and fibrotic diseases, and during wound repair. Its biological functions are extensively investigated in fields such as cardiovascular physiology or oncology. Despite its initial identification in bone, investigations of periostin functions in bone-related physiopathology are less abundant. Recently, several studies have analyzed the potential role of periostin in bone biology and suggest that periostin may be an important regulator of bone formation. The aim of this article is to provide an extensive review on the implications of periostin in bone biology and its potential use in benign and metabolic bone diseases.