Osteoporosis International

, Volume 22, Issue 6, pp 2023–2026

Cell and gene therapy for bone repair

Bone Quality Seminars: Bone Fracture Healing and Strengthening

DOI: 10.1007/s00198-011-1615-0

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Marie, P.J. Osteoporos Int (2011) 22: 2023. doi:10.1007/s00198-011-1615-0


Improving bone repair remains an important and challenging issue. Therapeutic approaches to amplify osteogenic cell pool or function include cell and gene therapies. We identified genes that promote human mesenchymal cell differentiation and bone formation. Targeting these or other genes may improve the efficacy of cell therapy for bone repair.


Bone repairCell therapyGene therapyMesenchymal stromal cellsOsteoblast

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  1. 1.Laboratory of Osteoblast Biology and PathologyInserm UMR606 and University Paris Diderot, Hopital LariboisiereParis cedex 10France