, Volume 18, Issue 9, pp 1279-1285
Date: 18 Apr 2007

Incidence of second hip fractures. A population-based study

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We studied the incidence of second hip fractures and medication use among the patients with sequential hip fractures. This study shows that the incidence rate of second hip fractures is higher than that of the first hip fractures. Improvement in osteoporosis care and a more critical policy for prescription of psychotropic drugs are needed.


This study had two goals: (1) to determine incidence of second hip fractures; (2) to describe changes in pharmacotherapy between first and second hip fractures, especially the use of those psychotropics which increase the risk of falling and also pharmacotherapy for osteoporosis.


The residents of Central Finland Health Care District who had sustained a hip fracture in 2002–2003 were followed up for subsequent hip fractures until 2006. Hip fracture patients were identified and clinical data were obtained by using hospital registers and medical records.


Five hundred and one persons aged ≥ 60 years suffered their first hip fracture in 2002–2003. During the follow-up of 936 person-years, 34 second hip fractures occurred. The cumulative incidence of second hip fractures was 5.08% (95% CI: 3.30 to 7.78) at one year, and 8.11% (95% CI: 5.73 to 11.43) at two years after the first fracture. The second part of this study investigated 75 patients with two non-contemporaneous hip fractures. Between the first and second fractures, the number of psychotropic drug users rose from 27 (36%) to 44 (59%). At the time of second hip fracture, osteoporosis had been diagnosed in 17 (23%) patients only. Twelve (16%) patients used bisphosphonates or calcitonin, 15 (20%) used calcium and 9 (12%) vitamin D supplements.


There is a high incidence of second hip fractures. Secondary prevention of hip fractures needs to be improved. In addition to adequate treatment for osteoporosis, more attention should be directed toward appropriate use of psychotropic drugs.