, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 245-249
Date: 14 Nov 2006

Integrated anti-remodeling and anabolic therapy for the osteoporosis of Hajdu–Cheney syndrome

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Hajdu–Cheney syndrome (MIM 102500) is a rare skeletal dysplasia marked by severe generalized osteoporosis and focal bone loss (acro-osteolysis). Osteoporosis treatment outcome has been reported only once previously. Reported herein is the biochemical and densitometric response to integrated anti-remodeling and anabolic therapy in a woman with Hajdu–Cheney syndrome. Results suggest dissociation of bone formation from bone resorption resulting in dramatic increases in bone mineral density without clinical evidence of activated osteoporosis.

An erratum to this article can be found at http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00198-006-0301-0