, Volume 21, Issue 2 Supplement, pp 485-489
Date: 23 Oct 2010

Sacral nerve stimulation in the elderly

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Sacral neuromodulation has become a widely accepted form of therapy in the overall spectrum of treatment options for urinary urgency and frequency, urge urinary incontinence, and some forms of nonobstructive urinary retention. Voiding dysfunction is very common in geriatric patients, and urgency and urge urinary incontinence are among the most prevalent forms of urinary problems in this population. Despite the fact that many different treatment options are available for these conditions, successful treatment of voiding problems in the elderly is often quite challenging. This may be exacerbated by underlying comorbidities which preclude or limit the utility of some therapies including medications. Published literature on the use and clinical outcomes of sacral nerve stimulation in older adults was reviewed and summarized. Available clinical studies examining the use of sacral neuromodulation in geriatric patients are reviewed and placed in the context of the overall treatment of voiding dysfunction in the elderly population. Sacral neuromodulation may represent a viable, minimally invasive treatment option for some older adults.