International Urogynecology Journal

, Volume 21, Issue 10, pp 1271–1277

Prevalence and risk factors for urinary incontinence in healthy pregnant Brazilian women

  • Gisele Martins
  • Zaida A. S. G. Soler
  • José Antônio Cordeiro
  • João Luiz Amaro
  • Katherine N. Moore
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DOI: 10.1007/s00192-010-1185-2

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Martins, G., Soler, Z.A.S.G., Cordeiro, J.A. et al. Int Urogynecol J (2010) 21: 1271. doi:10.1007/s00192-010-1185-2


Introduction and hypothesis

Physiological and anatomical changes of pregnancy are risk factors for lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence and risk factors for urinary incontinence (UI) in healthy pregnant women.


A cross-sectional study was conducted in pregnant Brazilian women who enrolled in the primary health-care system in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil. Face-to-face interview and completion of two-part questionnaire were administered and done which evaluated the presence of LUTS pre- and during pregnancy. The data were analyzed by logistic regression.


Five hundred pregnant women were enrolled ranging from first to third trimester. LUTS present in 63.8% in these women; the main associated risk factors were multiparity and prepregnancy LUTS as well as smoking, constipation, and daily coffee intake.


The prevalence of UI during pregnancy is high, highlighting the presence of the risk factors associated with UI during pregnancy.


Epidemiology Pregnancy Primary prevention Urinary incontinence 



lower urinary tract symptoms


urinary incontinence


stress urinary incontinence


urinary tract infection


Gisele Martins


Faculty of Medicine in Sao Jose do Rio Preto


Statistical Package for Social Sciences


International Continence Society

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© The International Urogynecological Association 2010

Authors and Affiliations

  • Gisele Martins
    • 1
  • Zaida A. S. G. Soler
    • 2
  • José Antônio Cordeiro
    • 2
  • João Luiz Amaro
    • 3
  • Katherine N. Moore
    • 4
  1. 1.University of Brasilia (UnB)BrasíliaBrazil
  2. 2.Faculty of Medicine (FAMERP)Sao Jose do Rio PretoBrazil
  3. 3.Department of Urology, School of MedicineSão Paulo State University (UNESP)BotucatuBrazil
  4. 4.Faculty of NursingUniversity of AlbertaEdmontonCanada

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