, Volume 21, Issue 2, pp 133-134
Date: 09 Jan 2010

Do guns kill people or...? The mesh dilemma

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Many of the articles in this journal and others demonstrate the mixed messages of mesh augmented repairs for pelvic organ prolapse. At this point, short-term data (2-year follow-up or less) suggest that its use for anterior compartment defects may provide an advantage over non-mesh augmented repairs [1, 2], but at what cost [3, 4]?

Complications are certainly possible with any surgical procedure; but one of the most concerning complications that can occur is worsening or de novo postoperative pain disorders. But are the complications of postoperative pain caused by the mesh kits or are they caused by the physicians who are using them?

I see many patients in my office sent from various physicians located throughout the Midwest with problems of postoperative pain after a mesh-augmented transvaginal repair for prolapse. Almost universally, these patients had a pelvic pain disorder that was either overt (i.e., patients who had prolapse surgery done because of the chief complaint of pelvic pa