, Volume 18, Issue 2, pp 147-151
Date: 20 Apr 2006

Urinary incontinence symptoms during and after pregnancy in continent and incontinent primiparas

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Examine patterns of urinary incontinence during and after pregnancy, as recalled by incontinent and continent primiparas.

Study design

Primiparous women reporting no pre-pregnancy incontinence, were recruited 6 to 9 months postpartum. Those reporting current continence and demonstrating a negative stress test were considered “Primiparous Continent” (PC, n=64). Those reporting current incontinence and demonstrating a positive stress test were considered “Primiparous Incontinent” (PI, n=57). Subjects self-administered a questionnaire recalling leakage during and after pregnancy.


Sixteen percent of PC women leaked during pregnancy. Of these, 70% experienced frequent leakage during pregnancy. Seventy-eight percent of PI women leaked both during and after pregnancy. Several patterns arose surrounding leakage frequency for PI women: 19% only leaked frequently during pregnancy, 4% only leaked frequently after pregnancy, and 51% leaked frequently both during and after pregnancy.


Nearly five times as many primiparous incontinent women, compared with primiparous continent women, leaked during pregnancy.