, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 387-430

Ordinality in non cooperative games

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We first analyse what a conceptual definition of ordinality for non cooperative games should be. The resulting concept is highly abstract and apparently unmanageable. Nevertheless we obtain in a second part a very simple and fully operational characterization. In the last part, this is used to check the ordinality of a number of concepts that have been proposed in the literature.

Received: June 1987 / Revised November 2003
This is an unmodified copy of CORE Discussion Paper 8728 (1987), which was (cf. sect. 4 and 5, esp. from sect. 4.2.5 on) essential in the thinking that led to (Mertens 89, 91). It differs only by the addition of an explicit reference to the latter, and updates to some other references.