Date: 18 Nov 2012

Effect of different combinations of tailor-welded blank coupled with change in weld location on mechanical properties by laser welding

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Using tailor-welded blanks (TWB) in automotive industry is on the rise. This is done due to advantages such as reduction in weight leading to more effective operational cost and lower energy consumption of vehicles. The main objective of this investigation was to study the effect of location change of weld zone and differences in thickness combination of TWB sheets on their tensile characteristics and forming capabilities. Quality evaluations of weld zone metallographic and tensile as well as ball punch tests have been conducted. Tension characteristics of welded samples have been determined by conducting a uni-axial tensile test perpendicular on the weld line in those samples. Forming capability of TWB samples were also studied by using sphere head chisel test. By moving weld line toward thick sheets direction and increasing thin sheets share of the weld in TWB, an increase in relative elongation in tensile test and in chisel test increase in cups height was observed. This indicates that forming capability of TWB samples by moving weld line toward thick sheet increases and weld zone does not have much effect on forming capability of TWB. By using the derived recommended relation induced from this study, it is conceivable to obtain the amount of increase in relative length of TWB from its base sheets. Results of this relation are confirmed with obtained results from tensile test. Also by reduction in thickness difference of TWB sheets, their formability increases.