Date: 01 Jul 2009

Role of nanofluids in solar water heater

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Heat transfer enhancement in solar devices is one of the key issues of energy saving and compact designs. Researches in heat transfer have been carried out over the previous several decades, leading to the development of the currently used heat transfer enhancement techniques. The use of additives is a technique applied to enhance the heat transfer performance of base fluids. Recently, as an innovative material, nanosized particles have been used in suspension in conventional heat transfer fluids. The fluids with nanosized solid particles suspended in them are called “nanofluids.” The suspended metallic or nonmetallic nanoparticles change the transport properties and heat transfer characteristics of the base fluid. Nanofluids are expected to exhibit superior heat transfer properties compared with conventional heat transfer fluids. The aim of this paper is to analyze and compare the heat transfer properties of the nanofluids with the conventional fluids.