Date: 22 Aug 2007

Web-enabled platform for distributed and dynamic decision-making systems

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With the advent of internet and wireless technologies, real-time remote monitoring and control is becoming an essential need for meeting highly dynamic business objectives. At the same time, web-enabled platforms are required to perform remote monitoring with efficiently and effectively. Recent progresses on e-manufacturing applications address the needs for better integration between factory floor and enterprise systems. This paper presents a web-enabled platform which focuses on web-enabled intelligence to enable products and systems to achieve near-zero-downtime performance through device-to-business (D2B) platform. The proposed web-enabled platform can effectively minimize the massive information bottleneck that exists between plant floor and information systems. Case studies are presented to determine how effectively web-enabled industrial system can be used in factory floor as well as business decision-making. Manufacturers and users will benefit from the increased equipment and process performance with the effective implementation of the developed web-enable platform.