Security systems of point-of-sales devices


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Yang, C., Tian, G. & Ward, S. Int J Adv Manuf Technol (2007) 34: 799. doi:10.1007/s00170-006-0638-8


Security is a systematic issue which covers product design, implementation, logistic, manufacture and management. With the exponential growth of electronic business in recent years, the security of e-payment which is an important part of e-supply chain management (eSCM), becomes a critical issue. A large amount of payment in transactions is made via POS (point of sales) devices. The security of the POS system has its own specialties. However, few research papers focus on POS device security. This paper provides comprehensive investigation into security on POS devices. Firstly, it offers first-hand information on hardware and design of physical security. In particular, attacks, countermeasures and practical implementation are studied. Secondly, secure key management and security management in manufacture are investigated. Further research directions have been discussed according to the authors’ analysis.


Security POS Security management Key management PIN entry device (PED) E-commerce 



Point of sales


electronic supply chain management


Personal identification number


PIN entry device


Radio frequency identification

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