Date: 24 Nov 2005

Radio frequency technology for automated manufacturing and logistics control. Part 2: RFID antenna utilisation in industrial applications

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The trend in industrial automation is to move towards fast and real-time identification, further improving the high-level of accuracy that is needed to enable continuous identification and monitoring. The interest in adopting radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for use in automation systems with minimal manual involvement is increasing rapidly. RFID systems are capable of providing real-time object visibility with high accuracy enabling continuous identification and location of all items and thereby providing accurate real-time data management instead of simple snapshots. In this paper, the use of multiple reader antennas is examined against collision and interference avoidance. Also, antenna operation is studied in typical industrial environments containing metallic objects or other conducting surfaces. In addition, this paper reviews different tag antennas and their characteristics for particular item identification cases. These cases include items made of specific materials that obstruct or prevent radio wave propagation by either absorbing or reflecting them. The results given in this paper are fully applicable with practical RFID solutions.