, Volume 16, Issue 3, pp 166-193
Date: 20 May 2004

A generalized semantics of PROMELA for abstract model checking

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Semantics of description languages for complex systems are a central issue for implementing verification methods such as abstract model checking. This technique is employed to verify systems by inspecting only a small state space that represents its potential behaviors. This paper presents a generalized operational semantics of the modelling language promela that provides the theoretical basis to introduce this promising method in the model checker SPIN. The generalization consists of identifying language aspects affected by the abstraction. Using these aspects as parameters, it is possible to obtain and relate different interpretations of the language. The new semantics provides a framework to reason about how to construct the tool αspin as an extension of spin.

Work supported by projects TIC2002-04309-C02-02 and TIC2001-2705-C03-02
Accepted in revised form 24 November 2003 by M. Broy, G. Lüttgen and M. Mendler