, Volume 27, Issue 3-4, pp 377-395
Date: 27 Oct 2012

Analysis and numerical simulation of a laboratory analog of radiatively induced cloud-top entrainment

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Numerical simulations using the one-dimensional-turbulence (ODT) model are compared to water-tank measurements emulating convection and entrainment in stratiform clouds driven by cloud-top cooling. Measured dependences of the entrainment rate on Richardson number were numerically reproduced for water trials in which the initial stratification is due to temperature differences. For an additional set of trials where the initial stratification is obtained by adding dextrose to the lower layer of the tank, measured dependences of the entrainment rate on Richardson number were partially reproduced, and importantly, the model also captures the measured sensitivity of entrainment to molecular transport. Additional parameter variations suggest other dependences of the entrainment rate. Analysis suggests possible qualitative differences between laboratory and cloud entrainment behaviors that might be testable using ODT.

Communucated by R. Klein.