, Volume 23, Issue 6, pp 525-533
Date: 01 Nov 2009

The velocity profile of laminar MHD flows in circular conducting pipes

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We present numerical simulations without modeling of an incompressible, laminar, unidirectional circular pipe flow of an electrically conducting fluid under the influence of a uniform transverse magnetic field. Our computations are performed using a finite-volume code that uses a charge-conserving formulation [called current-conservative formulation in references (Ni et al J Comput Phys 221(1):174–204, 2007, Ni et al J Comput Phys 227(1):205–228, 2007)]. Using high resolution unstructured meshes, we consider Hartmann numbers up to 3000 and various values of the wall conductance ratio c. In the limit \({c{\ll}{\rm Ha}^{-1}}\) (insulating wall), our results are in excellent agreement with the so-called asymptotic solution (Shercliff J Fluid Mech 1:644–666, 1956). For higher values of the wall conductance ratio, a discrepancy with the asymptotic solution is observed and we exhibit regions of velocity overspeed in the Roberts layers. We characterise these overspeed regions as a function of the wall conductance ratio and the Hartmann number; a set of scaling laws is derived that is coherent with existing asymptotic analysis.