, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp 435-446
Date: 14 Aug 2007

Flow and heat transfer in a moving fluid over a moving flat surface

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In this paper, a numerical analysis of the momentum and heat transfer of an incompressible fluid past a parallel moving sheet based on composite reference velocity U is carried out. A single set of equations has been formulated for both momentum and thermal boundary layer problems containing the following parameters: r the ratio of the free stream velocity to the composite reference velocity, σ (Prandtl number) the ratio of the momentum diffusivity of the fluid to its thermal diffusivity, and E c (E ck ) (Eckert number). The present study has been carried out in the domain 0 ≤  r ≤  1. It is found that the direction of the wall shear changes in such an interval and an increase of the parameter r yields an increase in temperature.

Communicated by R. Grimshaw