, Volume 25, Issue 2-4, pp 469-488
Date: 17 Nov 2012

Dynamic modeling of taut strings carrying a traveling mass

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In this paper, a new consistent dynamic model is proposed, aimed at studying linear vibrations induced in an elastic wire by a bilaterally constrained single mass moving with a constant velocity. Starting from a variational formulation, through the Hadamard’s condition, a corrective term to the local linear stiffness is determined in the continuum model as a function of the moving mass velocity; in this way, the boundary conditions are properly found. The representation of the solutions of the hyperbolic equations governing the motion of the wire presents some difficulties, which are solved by means of a suitable coordinate transformation in a time-invariant domain and a judicious choice of the set of shape functions, to be used in the discrete formulation of the problem. This new description allows an easy estimation of high-order deformations that are neglected by a purely linear approach. When the mass velocity is sufficiently high, displacements near the supports show high gradients: in these cases, it is necessary to use an unknown velocity or introduce an advanced mechanical model in order to correctly describe the motion of the mass. Numerical examples confirm the stability of the proposed solution in all conditions examined.

Communicated by Francesco dell'Isola and Samuel Forest.