, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp 137-148
Date: 03 Feb 2011

Probability-based multiple-criteria optimization of bridge maintenance using monitoring and expected error in the decision process

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In the context of limited financial resources under uncertainty, an important challenge is to introduce monitoring concepts in the general assessment, maintenance and repair frameworks of highway bridges. Structural health monitoring (SHM) provides new information on structural performance. As the monitoring duration increases, additional information becomes available. The knowledge of the structure is more accurate, but the monitoring costs are greater. Based on the accuracy of monitoring, different decisions can be made. These decisions involve uncertainties, and, consequently, are expressed in terms of probabilities. A probability-based approach for multiple criteria optimization of bridge maintenance strategies based on SHM is proposed. A measure of the error in the decision process, based on monitoring occurrence and duration, is proposed. Optimal solutions are obtained considering multiple criteria such as expected failure cost, expected monitoring/maintenance cost, expected accuracy of monitoring results, and ensuring that all constraints are satisfied.