Journal of Population Economics

, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp 773–782

A Comment on Ali Tas˛ıran's `Wage and income effects on the timing and spacing of births in Sweden and in the United States'

  • James R. Walker

DOI: 10.1007/s001480200137

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Walker, J. J Popul Econ (2002) 15: 773. doi:10.1007/s001480200137


This note reviews and evaluates Taşıran's (1995) claim that estimated female wage effects on Swedish fertility dynamics reported by Heckman and Walker (1990) are not robust to the use of microwage data. The results reported here indicate that once individual wage measures have been purged of measurement error, estimated female wage effects are not sensitive to the introduction of microwages. The results reported by Heckman and Walker (1990) persist even with the use of microwage data.

JEL classification: J13, J18, C41
Key words: Fertility, public policy, duration analysis

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