, Volume 29, Issue 1, pp 131-136
Date: 06 Nov 2012

Education to profession! Challenges of being women in Pakistan

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Over the past decades, the employment ratio of women has increased throughout the world and especially in Pakistan. This has been because of multiple socioeconomic factors that include increased market liberalization, enhanced household economic pressure, demand of a house to have more than one earner and greater awareness among women. A general assumption that hinders women’s career development, in Pakistan, is that by dint of being women, they cannot fully participate in work. Women intend to work find it difficult to pursue a career where they have to travel or work irregular hours, though nobody implies such hindrances when men work. This paper discusses the issues related to the professional education for women and career opportunities for them in Pakistan. Even though more and more changes are being adopted and women are being empowered through learning, crossing cultural, and geographical barricade, but still a lot is required to be done. In spite of all the barriers, Pakistani women today can be seen actively participating in the society, employing their technical skills in all sectors.