, Volume 17, Issue 2, pp 187-191

Commentary on developing work and quality improvement strategies III

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After reading the very interesting introduction and the six excellent papers, I chose to focus on the so-called European view of total quality management (TQM) (see the introduction), in particular the stakeholder view, since that is in line with my research work in the area of excellence models. I really appreciated J. Eklund's views, which I substantially share; however, I am offering a variation in representation and modeling that I hope will foster discussion in an area that I consider fundamental from the point of view of total quality of life (TQL). This is really the meeting point between new developments in quality, human relations and social relations.

A stakeholder is a collective concept that we use to identify the interested parties in any organisation. The concept relates to homogeneous classes of subjects whose interests are to a different extent bound to the organisation's success. In the paleo-industrial era, where the property was considered the sole legitimate benefici

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