Journal of Cryptology

, Volume 26, Issue 2, pp 246–250

A Note on the Bivariate Coppersmith Theorem


    • Université du Luxembourg
  • Alexey Kirichenko
    • F-Secure Corporation
  • Mehdi Tibouchi
    • NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories

DOI: 10.1007/s00145-012-9121-x

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Coron, J., Kirichenko, A. & Tibouchi, M. J Cryptol (2013) 26: 246. doi:10.1007/s00145-012-9121-x


In 1997, Coppersmith proved a famous theorem for finding small roots of bivariate polynomials over ℤ, with important applications to cryptography.

While it seems to have been overlooked until now, we found the proof of the most commonly cited version of this theorem to be incomplete. Filling in the gap requires technical manipulations which we carry out in this paper.

Key words

Coppersmith’s theoremBivariate polynomialsSmall roots

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