, Volume 27, Issue 10, pp 1622-1626
Date: 21 Apr 2014

Non-invasive pressure support ventilation in patients with acute respiratory failure after bilateral lung transplantation

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Objective: To evaluate non-invasive ventilation (NIV) prospectively in a group of patients developing acute respiratory failure (ARF) after bilateral lung transplantation (BLT). Setting: General intensive care unit (ICU) of Rome "La Sapienza" University. Patients: Twenty-one patients (18 with cystic fibrosis) undergoing BLT. Results: All consecutive patients developing ARF (according to predefined criteria) and requiring ventilatory support, received non-invasive pressure support ventilation through a face-mask (PEEP 5 cmH2O, PSV 14±2 cmH2O) for a mean period of 5±4 days. Eighteen out of 21 patients avoided intubation and were discharged from the ICU; 3 patients required intubation: 1 of them survived while 2 developed septic shock and died. Conclusions: NIV administration was well tolerated and avoided intubation in the large majority of patients (86%); in NIV responders the rate of complications was low and ICU mortality nil. NIV should be considered as an interesting alternative to conventional ventilation in patients who require ventilatory support after BLT.

Final revision received: 16 July 2001
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