, Volume 90, Issue 2, pp 222-226
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Simultaneous Determination of Spinetoram Residues in Tomato by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Combined with QuEChERS Method

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A sensitive and simple method for simultaneous analysis of spinetoram residues and its dissipation in tomato were studied. Spinetoram residues were extracted from tomato samples with acetonitrile. The extract was cleaned-up with QuEChERS method by dispersive solid-phase extraction with primary secondary amine sorbent to remove co-extractives, prior to analysis by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with diode array detector (HPLC–DAD). This method is characterized by recovery >97 %, relative standard division (RSD) <12.3 %, and limit of quantification (LOQ) of 0.04 mg kg−1, in agreement with directive for method validation in residue analysis. Also, the results showed that spinetoram dissipation pattern followed the first order kinetics with the half-life of 2.6 days, in tomato. The spinetoram residues in tomato were below the codex maximum residue level (0.06 mg kg−1) after 10 days of application. This study suggests that spinetoram is acceptable to apply for tomato under the recommended dosage.