Environmental Lead Exposure Among Children in Chengdu, China: Blood Lead Levels and Major Sources

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A survey was performed to know blood lead level (BLL) of children under seven and the risk factors of high BLL in Chengdu, China in 2004. The mean BLL in children under seven in Chengdu was 63.88 μg/L. The detection rate of high BLL was 8.21%. Chengdu is a moderate popular region of lead poisoning. Substitute of breast milk, living at the base floor or in one-storey houses and houses near the streets are the risk factors of high BLL (p < 0.05). The risk of anorexia, spasm and impaired concentration is higher in children whose BLL is higher than those whose BLL is lower (p < 0.05). Living circumstances, feeding patterns, and eating habits affect BLL, which in turn influences children’s health status.