, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 269-272
Date: 25 Jul 2007

Metals and Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Some Herbal Ayurvedic Formulations

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Herbal drugs are gaining popularity worldwide, but the cases of adverse health consequences caused by the use of herbal medicines have also been increasing (WHO, 2003; Chan, 2003; Stewart et al., 1999). There may be various reasons for it, but one of the major causes of reported adverse effects is the poor quality of herbal drugs. Therefore, it has been recognized that insufficient attention has been paid to herbal drug quality. The safety and quality of herbal drugs depends on various factors, and contamination by metals and pesticides during any stage of production can lead to the deterioration of quality and safety. In recent years, some initiatives have been taken toward improvement of quality, and few reports are available on the metal content in medicinal plants (Naithani and Kakkar, 2004, 2005, 2006a,b; Haider et al., 2004; Dwivedi and Dey, 2002; Rai et al., 2001; Abou-Arab and Abou-Donia, 2000; Samudralwar and Garg, 1996), but it is also important to see the concentration of he ...