, Volume 79, Issue 3, pp 255-258
Date: 24 May 2007

Contents of Some Metals in Honeys from Different Regions in Turkey

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Beekeeping is considered one of the most important agricultural activities around the world. Today the total number of bees in the world is estimated to be about 56 million, which produce about 1.2 million tons of honey (Antonescu and Mateescu, 2001). Turkey has important place among the honey producer countries, it is placed the 3rd (for bee hives) and 4th, position among the honey producing countries in the world. In Turkey, there are about 4 million bee hives producing about 74,000 million tons of honeys. Although all regions of Turkey are suitable for apiculture, the Aegean, Black Sea, and Mediterranean regions are considered to be the most important (DIE, 2005). Honey is an important food for humans. Its importance is not only nutritional, but it is also an indicator for environmental pollution (Porrini et al., 2003; Sevimli et al., 1992). Bees fly intensively in a radius of up to 3 km, and for this reason they and their products can serve as bioindicators for the contamination of ...