, Volume 45, Issue 7, pp 681-693
Date: 11 Jun 2010

A tribute to Lee Nelken Robins: from colleagues and friends

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A note from the editor in chief: Lee Robins was for several years on the board of Social Psychiatry, as this journal then was, and her work has continuing and central relevance to our subject. This is clear from what is written below, which serves as a journey round scientific developments of crucial importance in the last five decades. On a personal note, it is strange to read about this greatly distinguished woman and her legacy, and then to remember the down-to-earth person I used to kidnap and take to the pub whenever she was over at the Institute of Psychiatry. She had a most un-academic laugh. She and Eli were kindness itself when I was asked to give the 1987 Eli Robins lecture in St. Louis. We are pleased and honored to publish this selection of tributes to the late Lee Robins.