, Volume 44, Issue 11, pp 899-904
Date: 20 Aug 2009

The British Mental Health Survey Programme: achievements and latest findings

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The British National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey Programme (http://www.mentalhealthsurveys.co.uk/) started in 1993, and it seems timely now, with the publication of the most recent survey [39], to take stock of its impact on our understanding of mental disorders and of what the next steps should be.

The survey programme was designed to improve knowledge and understanding of mental illness, its causes and consequences, in order to inform governmental objectives for mental health [18]. These comprised prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders; improvement of quality of life; prevention of mortality; provision of services and interventions; mental health promotion; tackling fear, ignorance and stigma around mental illness; and continued research into the causes, consequences and care of specific mental disorders, together with their contribution to social exclusion. The survey programme has provided a key source of continuous information to government, commi ...