, Volume 52, Issue 6, pp 1214-1216
Date: 25 Mar 2009

Thiamine in diabetic nephropathy: a novel treatment modality? Reply to Alkhalaf A, Kleefstra N, Groenier KH et al. [letter]

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To the Editor: We thank Alkhalaf and co-authors for their comment on our recent paper in Diabetologia [1]. We are grateful for their interest in our work and the recognition of its potential importance in stimulating further research, which may lead to a significant improvement in the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. They have made several comments on issues that could not be dealt with in our short communication [2]. We now address these comments.

The urinary albumin excretion (UAE) data in Table 1 of our paper are the median (minimum–maximum) values of the 24 h UAE values for the treatment groups at the study times indicated. The data illustrated in Fig. 1a are the median values of data distributions of 24 h UAE change from baseline deduced for each patient. These data sets are not the same: one is absolute UAE values (distributions summarised in Table 1) and the other is of changes in UAE from baseline for each patient (medians of changes shown in Fig. 1a). This, and the non-parame ...