, Volume 51, Issue 12, pp 2299-2302

Association between anti-ZnT8 autoantibody specificities and SLC30A8 Arg325Trp variant in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes



We analysed the association between humoral autoreactivity to zinc transporter-8 (ZnT8) and the SLC30A8 rs13266634 polymorphism (Arg325Trp), which is located at the most distal loop in the ZnT8 protein.


Autoantibodies to ZnT8 were determined by RIA in 270 patients with type 1 diabetes using ZnT8 carboxy-terminal constructs (amino acids 268–369) carrying 325Trp(CW) and 325Arg(CR) and a hybrid construct (CW-CR). Forty-four ZnT8 autoantibody-positive sera with genomic DNA were used to examine the association between reactivity to ZnT8 constructs and the rs13266634 genotype.


Seventy-five patients reacted to the CW-CR hybrid construct, whereas 37 and 36 patients reacted to the CW and CR constructs, respectively. All sera positive for either CW or CR autoantibodies were positive for CW-CR autoantibodies. Among 19 patients with a 325Arg(CC) genotype, 5% had CW-specific autoantibodies, 42% had CR-specific autoantibodies and 32% had dual reactivity. Conversely, 73% of 15 patients with the 325Trp(TT) genotype had CW-specific autoantibodies, no patients had CR-specific autoantibodies and 13% had dual reactivity. Nine of the ten patients (90%) with the CT genotype reacted with either CR or CW constructs. The titre of CR autoantibodies in patients carrying the C allele was significantly higher than that in TT homozygotes (p < 0.0001). In contrast, the titre of CW autoantibodies in patients carrying a T allele was significantly higher than that in CC homozygotes (p < 0.005). No evidence of an association between rs13266634 and type 1 diabetes was observed.


These results indicate that variant residue at amino acid 325 is a key determinant of humoral autoreactivity to ZnT8 and that the SLC30A8 genotype is an important determinant of autoantibody specificity.