, Volume 100, Issue 8, pp 1274-1278

A newly identified barley gene, Dhn12, encoding a YSK2 DHN, is located on chromosome 6H and has embryo-specific expression

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Dehydrins are water-soluble lipid-associating proteins that accumulate during low-temperature or water-deficit conditions, and are thought to play a role in freezing- and drought-tolerance in plants. Dhn genes exist as multi-gene families in plants. Previously, we screened lambda genomic libraries of two barley cultivars in an effort to isolate all of the barley Dhn genes. We identified 11 unique Dhn genes and estimated a total of 13 Dhn genes in the barley genome. To extend the collection, we used an alternative source of clones, a 1.5×Morex barley BAC library. In this library, we found nine Dhn genes that we described previously and one new Dhn gene, Dhn12. The Dhn12 gene encodes an acidic YSK2 dehydrin. The Dhn12 gene is located on chromosome 6H, and shows a different expression pattern from all other Dhn genes identified previously. RT-PCR results show that Dhn12 expression is embryo-specific. Dhn12 is not expressed in seedling shoots under any of the conditions tested, including non-stressed as well as dehydrated, or cold-, ABA- or NaCl-treated seedlings.

Received: 6 June 1999 / Accepted: 3 November 1999