, Volume 99, Issue 1-2, pp 341-345

A microsatellite marker associated with a QTL for grain protein content on chromosome arm 2DL of bread wheat

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 This study was undertaken with a view to tag gene(s) controlling grain protein content (GPC) using molecular markers in bread wheat. For this purpose, the genotype PH132 with high protein content (13.5%) was crossed with genotype WL711 with significantly lower protein content (9.7%), and 100 RILs were derived. These RILs showed normal distribution for protein content. The parental genotypes were analysed with 232 STMS primer pairs for detection of polymorphism. Of these, 167 primer pairs gave scorable amplification products, and 57 detected polymorphism between the parents. Using each of these 57 primer pairs, we carried out bulked segregant analysis on RILs representing the two extremes of the distribution. One primer pair for the locus wmc41 showed association with protein content. This was further confirmed through selective genotyping. The co-segregation data on the molecular marker (wmc41) and protein content on 100 RILs was analysed by means of a single-marker linear regression approach. Significant regression suggested linkage between wmc41 and a QTL (designated as QGpc.ccsu-2D.) for protein content. The results showed that this marker-linked QTL accounted for 18.73% of the variation for protein content between the parents. The marker has been located on chromosome arm 2DL using nulli-tetrasomic lines and two ditelocentric stocks for chromosome 2D.