, Volume 96, Issue 6-7, pp 844-851

Genetic structure of wild bean populations in their South-Andean centre of origin

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 The genetic structure of wild common bean populations was studied in the South-Andean centre of origin of the species. Plants were collected from 21 populations in Argentina and genetic variability was assessed for molecular and resistance markers. Polymorphism was weak for phaseolin, the major seed-storage protein, and for RAPD markers, while a high level of polymorphism was observed for resistance to anthracnose, one of the most important diseases of common bean. For the three traits, within-population variability was important and represented between 43.6% and 67.5% of the total variation. Although among-population differentiation was significant for all the traits, no correlation was found between the population distances calculated from RAPDs and resistance. These results indicate that pathogen selection pressure may be an important factor influencing the distribution of variability within and among host plant populations.

Received: 28 October 1997 / Accepted: 25 November 1997