, Volume 95, Issue 8, pp 1223-1228

Phylogeny of Allium L. subgenus Rhizirideum (G. Don ex Koch) Wendelbo according to dot blot hybridization with randomly amplified DNA probes

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 Among 341 randomly amplified DNA sequences generated from 11 Allium species, 55 were purified by gel excision and subsequent reamplification by PCR. These were then used as probes in dot blot analysis to evaluate the relationships between 44 Allium accessions classified under the subgenus Rhizirideum. The hybridization signals were standardized and converted to Euclidean taxonomic distances. Unweighted Pair Group Mean analysis of the distance data generated a phyllogram which basically conformed to the classification system proposed by the Gatersleben (Germany) group. However, there was insufficient evidence to suppport the proposal to join A. chinense G. Don with A. virgunculae F. Maek. et Kitam. into sect. Sacculiferum or the recent suggestion to re-establish sect. Phyllodolon.