, Volume 94, Issue 2, pp 177-183

Mutants lacking glutelin subunits in rice: mapping and combination of mutated glutelin genes

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Nine mutant lines lacking glutelin subunits were selected from M2 seeds of about 10000 M1 plants mutagenized with gamma rays or EMS and from 1400 mutant lines selected originally for morphological characters. There were three types of mutants, one line lacking the largest subunit among four minor bands of glutelin acidic subunits (Type 1), five lines lacking the second largest subunit band (Type 2), and three lines lacking the third largest subunit band (Type 3). Mutants lacking the smallest subunit band were not found. Type 1 lacked 2 of the 10 spots of glutelin acidic subunits separated by two-dimensional electrophoresis and 1 of the 11 spots of the 57-kDa glutelin precursor. Type 2 lacked 2 spots of acidic subunits and 1 spot of the 57-kDa glutelin precursor, and had low amounts of 1 of the 8 spots of glutelin basic subunits. Type 3 mutants lacked each of 1 spot of the acidic subunits and glutelin precursor and had low amount of 1 spot of the basic subunits. Genetic analysis of the mutated genes showed that these mutant characters were controlled by single recessive genes named glu-1, glu-2, and glu-3, respectively. Mutated genes of different lines of the same type were found to be at the same locus. RFLP analysis of F2 plants between the mutant lines and cv `Kasalath' indicated that glu-1 is on chromosome 2, glu-2 on chromosome 10, and glu-3 on chromosome 1. These mutant genes were combined by crossing, and a line lacking the 3 minor bands of the glutelin acidic subunits was developed. However, the total glutelin content of this line was not remarkably reduced, showing a only 13% decrease.

Received: 1 April 1996 / Accepted: 14 June 1996