, Volume 100, Issue 3-4, pp 625-632

Development of SCAR markers linked to the gene Or5 conferring resistance to broomrape (Orobanche cumana Wallr.) in sunflower

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A consensus molecular linkage map of 61.9 cM containing the Or5 gene, which confers resistance to race E of broomrape orobanche cumana, five SCAR markers (three dominant, two codominant) and one RAPD marker were identified based on segregation data scored from two F2 populations of susceptible×resistant sunflower line crosses. Bulked segregant analysis was carried out to generate the five SCAR markers, while the single RAPD marker in the group was identified from 61 segregating RAPD markers that were directly screened on one of the two F2 populations. The five SCAR markers, RTS05, RTS28, RTS40, RTS29 and RTS41, were significantly (LOD≥4.0) linked to the Or5 gene and mapped separately at 5.6, 13.6, 14.1, 21.4 and 39.4 cM from the Or5 locus on one side, while the RAPD marker, UBC120_660, was found at 22.5 cM (LOD=1.4) on the opposite side. These markers should facilitate the efficient transfer of the resistance gene among sunflower breeding lines. As the first report on molecular markers linked to a broomrape resistance gene, the present work provides a starting point to study other genes and to examine the hypothesis of the clustering of broomrape resistance genes in sunflower.

Received: 16 September 1998 / Accepted: 22 June 1999